Where it all began

With over a centuries worth of knowledge of aquatics and experienced fishkeepers in our team

You can be assured we are an ethical company with regard to animal housing and welfare.


Aquatic and Fish Health Services

Water testing, Dissolved oxygen metering, Fish health, microscopy, culture and post mortem services, Medication and Bulk food supply, Fishery and Estate Lake management tenders welcomed Please inquire to: Sales@aquaticaglobal.com.

From design, build, installation and run up the total service is provided by Aquatica Global Ltd and associates at Predator Aquatics Ltd. Please do get in touch at sales@aquaticaglobal.com with your requirements, and we will arrange a quotation for you. Current lead time on Tank Manufacture from deposit payment to completion of build and delivery is 10 Weeks. If this is your first Aquarium we can support you step by step informing you of the basics of water keeping and fish and planting and correct species selection. & .

Our Team

Our team is made up of a wide range of experienced aquarists, exporters and importers and proffesional aquatic consultants across the UK

Each with experience in specialist areas to provide the total aquatic service.

Our Specialist Fish finder service

If you are looking for a specific species of fish for your collection, please do get in touch and we will endeavor to locate your dream fish and advise on pricing and timescales : Sales@aquaticaglobal.com

Note when Requesting Tank buster, monster fish for import or special order: It is the policy of Aquatica Global Ltd and associates that we would need evidence by video of proof that the animal can be house adequately and has sufficient filtration before any order will be placed. We are not against these species but we do not want to contribute to a growing unwanted fish problem. We also will not import dyed or tattood or tanned fish, and any requests for illegal species will be reported to DEFRA,.