Our Aquatic Services

Bespoke aquarium installation, Pond Design , Rare species locators, Fish Health services

Importers and exporters of aquatic goods, wholesale enequiries welcome, Trade only section coming soon!.

Aquatic Services

We are ornamental fish breeders and specialists in locating rare species for collectors. We provide a host of Aquatic services including Import, rare species location services, bespoke aquaria and pond design including maintainance. Please do get in touch with your requirements. 


Retail and trade Enquiries welcome

What We Do

If its aquatic we can do it, from small tanks to monster bespoke aquariums, and small pond to large lake, we have a ranges of services

Fish Health, Fish Foods, Aquatic goods , import and export, Bespoke Aquaria and Ponds

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Our Experiences

Over a century of aquatic knowledge in the team from pond to reef system we can help.

We have been keeping and breeding high quality cichlids for many years

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